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Complaining doesn’t usually serve us, but today I’m going to complain.  And then maybe I’ll do something about it.

Noise.  Noise.  Noise.  There is so much noise everywhere I go.  At home, even while the house is still, the refrigerator is buzzing, the de-humidifier in the basement is rattling, the cars from the nearby road are swishing.  And then I go to the coffee shop to work because the library and the bookstore don’t open until 10 a.m.  The dessert cooler is vibrating all inanimate objects around me.  People are chattering.  Music is sounding overhead, music that is not conducive to concentration.  Then I take myself to the library.  No one is in the quiet study room so there is no human clattering but the sounds of my bare feet softly cushioned on carpet.  Outside the wall sized window is a courtyard fountain enveloped by the well-kept landscaping, a calm scene with unheard passerbys.  But then I hear the air conditioning running, and then the furnace to offset the mechanical problems of the air conditioner that shoots outrageously frigid air.  My computer won’t stop humming.  The scrolling button on my mouse clickety-clickety-clickety as I move down the page.

I’m not complaining that I am blessed with the sense of hearing.  I’m complaining that the overstimulation is becoming unbearable.  I am noticing all the different sounds around me that are intrusive.  Would I ever complain about birds chirping?  No, unless they echoed the parrot that lived in a nearby apartment when I briefly lived in Puerto Vallarta, screaming “agua fresca! agua fresca! helado! helado! hiiiielo! hiiielo!”  I no longer crave any kind of food but I do crave quiet.  In the last weekend of July, I will soak myself in the stillness of the silent retreat where yoga and meditation become the center of the universe.

Life Lesson #10:  Find more silence.  This racket is not something to adapt to.  NOISE POLLUTION.  Noise Pollution.  noise pollution.  go away.  don’t come back another day.