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A few months ago I transitioned to a gluten-free diet.  That’s when Whole Foods entered the picture, moving me up from a part-time shopper to a seriously full-time, once, twice or thrice a week shopper who brings her own bags to save the planet.  Whole Foods had the organic produce I was always too stingy to buy.  But my priorities changed.  It became important that I invest in the one body I have and feed it nutritious stuff free of man-made sh-tuf.  My friends laugh at me for it, but they’ll get it soon enough. 

Life Lesson 1: I laughed at my sister who said organic eggs TASTE better.  But she was right, and I am a convert. 

But, Whole Foods, I haven’t visited you lately, have I?  While I was busy getting nourished with the yummy goodness you offer, you stole my wallet!  You see, I started writing down the cost of my purchases and comparing to the local nutrition store just a 7 minute walk from my very own home.  The health food store won on many, though not all, of the products.  And even when Whole Foods offers the lower price, the gas I would waste alone to get there would make up for the difference.  Plus, in addition to the cheaper alternative, walking to the local store would be the healthier alternative that gets the body moving, the more social alternative greeting passerbys, the environmentally responsible alternative that leaves less carbon footprints, the support local business alternative that pays rent in the downtown area keeping it lively, and also offers the feeling of a slow down, take one step at a time and enjoy your life kinda lifestyle.  I like it.    

Life Lesson 2:  Realizing my priorities helps me make decisions.  Making decisions I believe in can lead to unintended delights. 

Life Lesson 3:  Tend your own garden first.

Happy Friday 😉