I’ve always felt a pull towards creating stuff.  And I’m learning that creativity isn’t necessarily a reflection of the deepest darkest pits of our imagination.  Yah, pits.  Each thing I make, even the gluten-free vegan vanilla brownies or the silly flower pens, gives me a feeling of connection to myself and to the potential for human creativity.  So, for Amado’s birthday this year, I wanted to go further than my homemade Thomas train cake from last year’s second birthday.  This year’s theme was Cars the movie.  He had two birthday celebrations.

First we celebrated with his dad’s side and my mom and stepdad.  We mad a chocolate and yellow cake with buttercream frosting  in the shape of a car modeled after Chick Hicks, the antagonist in the movie.  Amado likes antagonists.

Although this car looks nothing like Chick Hicks, Amado made the connection and that’s the most important thing, right?

The following week, I made a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting for my dad’s side of the family.  The aunts thought it looked cute but they really loved the taste.  It wasn’t sweet like other chocolate cakes.  I forgot to tell them it was an organic box cake and not homemade 🙂  I still feel guilty.   A simple free-hand drawing took much less effort than engineering a cake in the shape of a car.  Amado requested Doc Hudson, and so it was.

And though I’m gluten-free, I did have to take a taste for good measure.