In preparation for our first detox fast, I drove on snow covered roads to Whole Foods.  I met a gentlemen looking for watercress, something  I searched for earlier and had given up.  “How do you eat watercress,” he wondered? 

“We eat it, like rabbits, stem and all,” I answered wondering how else you’d eat it.  Wacko!  He must be new to watercress, I thought.

Or not!!!  This man, once medical student turned minister, juices watercress with other superfoods as an effort to treat his chronic fatigue syndrome.  He took me to the juicing carrots and explained how fat carrots have more nutrients than skinny ones.  We talked about peeing on ph strips to test our body’s acidity and he showed me the huge superfoods list floating above the bulk foods.  So far, his quality of life has changed. 

Returning to Whole Foods today to get the goods for our 3 days of straight-up juicing!!

Today's first lunch