For the last two weeks, I’ve been focusing on my research, unpaid research but research it still is.  I’ve been telling myself that since I only had two hours of attention span and energy to spend at the coffee shop, I should not blog on my breaks.  There are no breaks!

  <cracking stick on my fingers>

And why, now that I’m at the part that needs the most focus, have I been struggling for the last couple of sessions?  I blame the self-imposed stick I’ve been using.

<staring the stick down>

The stick was beating the wisdom and creativity out of me.  So rather than try to deal with the stick, I’m tossing it out. 

<and breaking it in half>

In this new regime, I am allowed to take creative breaks again with time limits. 

And more productive than that, I can smile while I work.

<smiling at the broken stick, now just twigs in a pile, ready to feed a fire>