The only thing there is to do, is GROW

 Tragedies can lull your spirit to sleep or they can help awaken.  The loss of my son has shaken me so hard, that I do not expect to sleep until that day when I stop breathing.  There are no more mindless activities to do.  Everything is now a conscious decision.  By conscious I mean, whatever I do, I do because I believe it will help me grow.  The only thing there is to do is grow. 

I am beginning a new spiritual journey.  I will be exploring the spiritual side of yoga on the path to becoming a yoga instructor.  To prepare for teacher training classes beginning in April 2011, I will be attending Buddhist talks on Tuesdays and continue to practice yoga at home and in class.  I will be reading philosophical and historical works.  I’ll be blogging about this journey so that one day I will look back and remember the steps along the way.