Paranoia is setting in as the weather chills, the heat cranks, and germs have parties for the holidays.  With closed doors and sealed homes we are waiting with fingers crossed and hopes for a not so unhealthy winter.  When did this germophobia make its way into my life?  When my son was born two years ago, that’s when!  As a parent, it’s not the compassion that you give to your child in need that’s difficult, when you smell like vomit after the volcano erupts.  The tough part is watching your child, who has no idea what’s going, suffer.  The second toughest part is knowing that the virus is BOUND to circulate in the house and bring the rest of us down. 
A stomach virus has circulated our house, but something amazing has come to my attention.  My husband went down first, locked away in the bedroom for 48 hours.  We took every precaution.  He had a sanitizing wipe in his hand each time he charged the bathroom.  I sanitized and re-sanitized, I washed my hands constantly, CONSTANTLY.  We wouldn’t let my son see his father unless he was 10 feet away!  This took a lot of energy.
But then, nothing happened.  Until 2 days later, when as my son and I were stirring our brownie mix, he stopped chugging his water and BLLLAAAHHHHH, he threw up all over himself, me, the kitchen floor, and yes, the brownie mix.  There were a couple more episodes, but I’ll tell only of one so those of you who don’t have children think I’m crazy.  He just chugged a cup of water and started heading to the family room when BLLLLLAAAHHHH all over the floor and he kept walking as if nothing happened!  I thought if he caught this stomach flu he would be just sick to his stomach, but aside from the short eruptions, he carried on all day like nothing was wrong! 
And magically, I only feel queasy, probably more from hunger pain since I’m being conservative on the food JUST IN CASE.  But, I’m okay, I’m fine!  Why?  Why?  I’m going to hand it to my chiropractic care and to my revived love for yoga.  I’ve also been taking my vitamins daily.  I think my nervous system is doing alright and so my immune system is kicking butt.  I feel like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable where he finds out he’s this superhero who never gets sick or injured from totally fatal episodes.
For the remainder of this season, I’ll be meditating on my healthy state, my healthy state, my healthy state and I dare any germ to cross my path.  (Just kidding germs).  I am unbreakable.