Last night a police chase ended on my street just a few houses down.

For the first time in a long time, I had a sense of humor and was feeling somewhat relaxed. 

My Street Last Night

I was drinking red wine, my husband had roast a chicken and made homemade mashed potatoes, and my Dad was over.  We were eating dinner when we heard police sirens closer than usual.  We noticed siren lights zooming down past our house so my husband got up to see what was going on.  As he opened the door I took my son and approached the window to see what the fuss was about.  “Go to the Room NOW,” my husband yelled.  We heard a boom and gunshots.  We ran to the bedroom.  I was shaking and scared my son.  He got so upset my dad had to take him and distract him.

Two men in their sixties robbed a Metro PCS store down the street from me and tried to get away in the kind of car we see bad guys drive in the movies.  They crashed 3 houses down from me, but we think the Police SUV slammed into them which is how they crashed in the first place.  My husband saw them take the man they shot away on a stretcher and they had the other man in handcuffs.  Here’s the official story: 

So many thoughts from this one incident – How we Chaldeans have to deal with so much violence because of stores we own in the U.S.  and how we are targeted in Iraq because of religion.  How I don’t feel safe in my home anymore but how so many other people don’t feel safe in their home EVER.  How we made bad decisions when we went TOWARDS the window and door when we should’ve been going away from it and how we should’ve gone to a different room that didn’t have windows facing the street.  How LUCKY we are that none of us were outside around 8 p.m when all of this happened.  How an incident that last 5 hours which police lights and cars and blockades turned into a quick report on the news.  How it was a good think that house was a distressed sale and nobody lived there, although someone had just purchased it and started clearing it 2 days ago.   I have a lot to say and I’m sure I’ll write more on all of this.