Fiction Writers, Novelists, Storytellers:  I admire you!  You create characters, complex plots, and drama.  Strumming your imagination, you play with your readers’ emotions.  You make profound points about life, sometimes indirectly, that the reader has to work to interpret.  Your words are descriptive and even beautiful.  You have genius that I don’t.

I don’t like fiction.  I’m lazy and my imagination is underdeveloped.  If you’ve lost me at the bookstore, find me in the self-help or health section.  If you’re trying to tell me something, please be direct.  If you want to tell me a story about something funny that happened the other day and you’re going to use detail, make sure you use wild gestures and silly voices to keep my attention.    I would do the same for you.

So, while I love a good movie but haven’t read a work of fiction in years, I’ll explain what you can expect from reading this blog.  You can expect that my writing will sound dry.  It might even read like a really bad lecture. 

Bust most of all, what you can expect from this blog is to read about some lady who is always trying to grow, sometimes succeeding and often times failing.  The writing will probably at times feel heavy, considering that I’m 2 months into dealing with the loss of my 9-day-old son.  But don’t expect it will be that all the time.  The purpose of this blog is essentially to be uplifting in a time of grief or even just stagnation.  So, I’m not sure why you are reading this, but if you are:  Thank You.